Palin on Fox 2: Energy, Reform, and Experience.

Another good show by Palin. Some will complain that Hannity was too soft on her. Well let’s think about what is the purpose on a political interview? Most important is to learn more about the interviewee. Did we learn more about Palin? Definitely. We learned what she intends her role to be as vice President: advance energy independence and reform Washington. Energy independence is clearly within her realm of expertise as Governor of Alaska. And this will serve her well even in foreign policy. After all, isn't the thrust of international relation is firstly to enhance trade and secondly alliance for security? The essence of trade is the exchange of resources we need for products we do not. And the most important resource we need currently is energy/oil. And in the process of acquiring the necessary energy resources from the Middle East, Venezuela, or Central Asia, we have put our national security at risk. Maintaining the energy resource perspective in international relation for trade and security is an imperative.
Regarding reform, I am skeptical anyone can reform Washington Beltway culture, at least with Congress as is. The time for reform will likely manifests in 2010, and perhaps take hold in 2012. This is regardless of who wins the 08 election. But the position best able to affect change in DC is the Vice President. The VP can bridge both the executive branch and Congress. Among the four persons running, Obama, Biden, McCain, and Palin, only Palin have demonstrated the ability to do so.

Finally I want to share some thoughts regarding the experience argument against Palin. Lets rephrase the question and look at what makes a good leader a good leader. Well certainly his/her stance on issues matter, but if this is all that is expected then he/she will only function as a manager rather than a leader. A good leader is someone who can face unexpected challenge and overcome them. And the important factor to consider is that there will be unexpected challenge waiting in our future. (Such as was 911, and how W came through have endeared him to my heart. Not only did he react in Afghanistan, he then acted in Iraq! And when things did not go as planned or expected in Iraq, he stood firm against the defeatists in Congress as well as the Pentagon!) Thus it is essential that our leader has good judgment. While it is true that experience can lead to good judgment, good judgment is not a derivative of experience! Good judgment requires smarts, insight, resolve, and moral vision. All these things Palin has. Her record as mayor and governor has clearly demonstrated her good judgment.

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