McCain's Campaign and the Financial Crisis

McCain has decided to suspend his campaign inorder to return to Washington DC to help negotiate the terms of the bailout plan. He also suggested that Friday's foreign policy debate be post-phoned. Obama declined not wanting to introduce politics into the bailout discussion. Interesting to note that for Obama, it is all about politics rather than serving the people he was elected to represent.
Bush has since called Obama to DC and Obama has accepted.

What McCain should have done was to
1. Declare he is returning to DC where he is needed. Country first!
2. Declare that in his absence, Palin will continue in his stead to campaign to reform Washington. (This would mock Obama's decision to continue to lead his own campaign).
3. Declare that if the bailout debate succeeds, he will attend the debate on foreign affair. Talk second!
4. Declare that if the bailout debate continues, he could send Palin to debate Obama on foreign affair.

see also the Anchoress.

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