Lybia, the US and the UN

I am unhappy with how the US got involved militarily in Lybia. As i see it, it happened as follows:
1. Eastern Lybian rebelled against Gaddafi.
2. Gaddafi employs military means to crush the rebellion.
3. Obama declares not to declare, that the US has no dog in this fight.
4. the Arab league pressured the UN to impose a no fly zone to protect the rebels.
5. Europe through the UN got a no fly zone declared.
6. the US act as agent for the UN and impose a no fly zone: our resources in lives and supplies.

What the hell? Why are we the follower rather than the leader? Had we at step 3 declare our national interest involved, or even as pursuant to our democracy agenda are getting involved, i would have been fine with.
Had step 6 been for the US to declare this is your show we will not obstruct, we will even support, but you (the Arab League, Europe, and the UN) do the heavy lifting and fighting.

Instead what has happened is a declare abdication of US leadership to
A. Declare our national/international interests are involved and taken the lead to make it happen or
B. Declare our national/international interests are no involved and sat this one out.

We are letting the UN wag us and i find that unacceptable.
Especially given how well the no fly zone worked in Iraq with Saddam Hussein for a decade. Not.