McCain and the Economy

Zogby now has McCain up by 2 as opposed to down by 3 last week.
Gallup now has McCain even with Obama after being down by 6 last week.

Are these response to
McCain's leadership/political maneuver?
Uncertainty with Obama?

Regardless, it suggests that there is room for McCain to maneuver when it comes to the economy.

Jay Cost thinks McCain Plays It Like McCain.

I think the risk McCain is taking is that of becoming the fall guy for both the Democrats and the Republicans in Congress. No one in Congress wants to take responsibility for the bailout. The Democrats are afraid that the bailout might not be the right thing. The Republicans don't want it at all, but are afraid it might actually be necessary, so don't want ownership of it. Thus they may all want McCain to take the ball. This also serves as an example why legislators make poor executives.
But whereas they may all be afraid of failure, McCain may see an opportunity for a win.

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