McCain & the MSM Re: Palin

I don't think McCain really understand that the mainstream media is not his friend. I think he got culled into a false sense of friendliness when he was a maverick against the Republicans. The media liked him then because he was against other Republicans. But now that he is against the anointed One, he is being treated like a red headed stepchild.

It became clear that he did not understand how he was perceived or being played when Palin was rolled out. Had he understood, he would have anticipated the PDS and prepared for it with a series of adds introducing Palin to the public along with a series of friendly interviews. These should have been done so that for independents, the campaign of disinformation would not and could not take hold. Only after the message regarding who Palin is and what she is about has taken hold should she been introduced to the enemy vis a vis the MSM.

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