Health Care Reform

With Scott Brown election to the US Senate from Massachusetts on Tuesday, the Democrats' proposed health care plans are doomed. Certainly this is good news not because health care in the US shouldn't be reformed but because their proposal had more to do with government control than health care reform itself. Any future proposals for health care reforms must address the following issues, though not necessary all together as a composite proposal.

1. Malpractice Reform. Health care must first be about the delivery of health care. Malpractice reform will make it easier for health care professional to deliver quality care in an efficient manner.

2. Provide care for for those in need but without coverage. This predominantly pertains to those with preexisting conditions. One way to do so might be to provide tax advantages for commercial insurance companies to include this population.

3. Stimulate competition in the health care insurance market. Allow companies to offer policies across state lines.

4. Stimulate consumer cost awareness. When the consumer feels more of the cost, they will price and quality shop. Perhaps co-pays should be based on a percentage rather than a flat fee. Naturally health care providers will also have to make both their fees and their results available. Results may be given as percentage-brackets rather than raw values.


I support Scott Brown as the next US Senator from Massachusetts. Why?

1. His election would give Republicans 41 votes, enough break the Democrats current filibuster proof 60 votes.
2. He has promised to vote against Obama care.
3. He is running for the People of Massachusetts' US Senate seat, not dead Kennedy's US Senate seat.

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