Palin on Fox 1: Personable, Knowledgeable and the Financial Crisis

I think she did very well. She came across as personable, knowledgeable, and enthused and economics, energy, and reform. Her role as VP to push for energy independence and reform will be formidable challenge for anyone to tackle.

For me, she did much better than her Convention Speech because she was so much more substantive!

I want to in particular respond to one of her comment regarding the current financial/Wall Street crisis.
I believe capitalism is the best system to deliver wealth to the people. I recognize though that some will not gain, but all should have the opportunity to prosper. I am for less government regulation and intervention in the economy. If given freedom to act, individuals of ability and vision will produce more than central planning by the central government. Regulation stifles innovation.

A large part of this current financial crisis is due to unreasonably low interest rate by the Feds in order to stimulate the economy of the past several years. (Again, no "good deed" goes unpunished.) But this in itself would have been insufficient to generate the current crisis without active exploitation by certain capitalists. The root of the current financial crisis arise from too much easy money being loaned out to those who could not be reasonably be expected to repay the loan at a standard rate. Were these loans given to help these "underserved" people? I seriously doubt it. Thus these loans were made inorder to make money for the lender. Thus while it may seem trite to blame Wall Street's greed, unchecked greed is an intrinsic part of the problem.

For capitalism to work the capitalists must act with responsibility and respect for their client and customers. But no system is fool proof and I would still much rather suffer the failures of unrestricted greed than the burdensome dictates of faceless bureaucracy.

see also Right Wingsparkle on Biden v. Palin regarding the bail out.

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