Live blogging at Palin rally in Richmond VA

9:45a. Among the first in line for a 2p rally. Bought a t-shirt and a cap.
11:00a. Front at the rails and will have great view.
12:00. Crowd is building and is upbeat.
12:36. Cannot tell how big the crowd is but it intermittently errupt into cheers. Not many minorities here though. They need to do more to explain to minorities why they would be better with the Republicans.
13:36. Supposedly the crowd is at maximum allowed and they are turning away people. Not sure how big the crowd is. Thousands?
14:00. Still no Sarah at listed start time.
14:11. Kilgore introduces the flags.
He reads an opening prayer.
14:16. Kilgore warms the crowd. Palin seems to get the loudest cheers.
14:22. Congressman Littman on stage; Straight talkxpress arrives
14:24. Senator candidate Gilmore takes the stage. "Who do you trust? McCain Palin Gilmore!"
14:36. Palin arrives to raucus cheers.
14:41. Hank William Jr sings the anthem.
15:00. Paying attention to her speech delivery and crowd responds enthusiastically!
15:06. Her comments on society need to protect the most vulnerable are moving.
15:26. Done now. Sarah signed my cap!

She emphasized the positives rather than attacked Obama has she had been. I wonder if this is the campaign's response to the negative reports of negativity at the rallies. If this is the case McCain is paying too much attention to what the MSM is saying and not enough attention to what he should be saying.

Update: the crowd was estimated at 20-25,000.

Here are my pictures.

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