Government vs Private Solutions

What do the best and the brightest of members of our society do? They go into medicine, law, business, or science. Those that are interested in service go into the military, education, volunteerism, or medicine and law. So who end up going into government? With rare exceptions, I do not believe the brightest minds are in political office or civil service of Government. Not only are the best minds absent in Government, the culture of Government does not support, endorse, or encourage innovation. These thoughts are best found in the private sector. Best found but not necessary always found I admit, but certainly more likely than from Government. Thus how could or should anyone reasonably expect our Government have a better solution to our individual or our society problems than a free market of ideas from the private sector?

Why is this? In all likelihood it is because America is a nation of immigrants. These immigrants left their native lands because their government has failed them. They come to the US with a natural distrust of government. This attitude is the culture each generation of new Americans are being born into.

This may not be the case elsewhere in the world. In China for instance, it has been a long tradition that passing the civil service test to serve the people is seen as a mark of distinction and achievement. But here in America the best and brightest do not enter into Government service.

That is why I am opposed to a bigger role for Government in American life. As Ronald Reagan has suggested, too often Government is part of our problems rather than the solution.

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