08 President Debate #2

Thoughts as the debate progress (in no particular order):

1. Who over told McCain to win a debate by predicating on his achievement as a bipartisan is an idiot. Most Americans are sick and tired of Congress, of both political parties. To say that he is working with both parties means he is doubling down with losers. He should instead be saying that he has been consistently frustrated in working to make Congress work!

2. McCain should have definitely called out Obama on the mathematical improbability of cutting taxes for 95% of American. When Obama respond with cuts for 95% of working Americans, McCain should declare that Obama is not telling the American public everything. What else isn't he telling?

3. Make it clear that Bush is not running for president in 08. Make it clear by clear examples of when McCain has gone against Bush!

4. Is it worth the airtime to keep thanking the questioner for their question? He should be answering the question promptly. And the "my friends" being repeated over and over again aggravates me.

5. McCain should have parallel our abandonment of Afghanistan mujaharddins in the 80s ultimately led to 911 to Obama's proposed abandonment of a nascent democratic Iraq would embolden the islamofascists like never seen befor.

6. I wish both candidates would tone down their rhetorics and just simply answer the question. For example, if one of our ally is attack, we must absolutely mobilize to support our ally and counter attack our shared enemy.

7. McCain finally answer the question directly about not knowing the challenges of the future, as well has how he would face that challenge based on his record of selfless service.

8. The open ended question format made it too easy for both candidates to repeat their campaign stump speeches. They should have been asked simple "yes or no" questions. Maybe a game-show format where both candidates answer simultaneously using podium buttons, then revealing their answers visually. Allow them time to explain their answer only if they responded differently from each other.

9. I think part of McCain's problem is that he was trying too hard to get his message out (media bias?) rather than listening to what Obama had to say then countering it.

Overall, nothing new, nothing novel, nothing to see or hear from this debate. Move along, move along.

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