Postwar Germany

Germany lost about 5 million soldiers in World War 2. Survivors were typically those that surrendered. These same survivors would return to rebuild the new Germany. I wonder if the same mindset that led soldiers to surrender has contributed to the current political mentality in Germany and perhaps all of continental Europe, the mindset of appeasement rather than risking one's life for a cause. Interesting.


Bubbalo said...

Yeah, because the US' "guns blazing" approach has worked so well. The Germans took on terrorists all through the 1970's and 1980's. Further, their surrender had nothing to do with any mindset: they were defeat, and they knew it. Fighting on would have achieved nothing.

Huan said...

Yes they knew they lost at the end of WW2. The US' "guns blazing" approach worked very well in WW2 in Europe and in Asia. That is how peace is achieved. But when you continue to allow your enemies the perception that they can win over you by giving in to their demands, that is appeasement.