Fake but Real 2

Or how the MSM lap up staged propaganda pieces and present it as news. Here we see the "behind the scene" directing and display of object deaths:


confudeforeigner said...

So what? This man has plenty of reason to hate the Israelis after all, and if you are suggesting that achieving some propaganda value which shows the world what the Israelis are doing, then good on them.

Israel has the most polished propaganda machine on earth, yet the US takes their word as gospel.

If you are suggesting that Qana didn't happen, then I feel very sorry for you.

Huan said...

I do not particularly care that there are people with an agenda against Israel out there. I also do not care that political groups wishes to push their particular agendas, for or against Israel or any particular cause, formatted as propaganda. I do care that news agencies that purport objectivity and neutrality remain objective and neutral by eschewing propaganda from any source. Especially such obvious propaganda formats.