Lebanon 5: France

Can France be any worse on the world's diplomatic stage? She fights the US for leadership to resolve the Lebanon crisis. She assumes authorship of the ceasefire resolution, UN SCR1701. She talks up leading the UN peacekeeping contingency. And once everything is agreed to upon, France backs out. Words such as fop and cowards spring to mind.

True no one was happy with the ceasefire resolution, but then why craft a resolution that you yourself are unhappy with enough not to want to participate in it? And despite its flaws, there were actual opportunity for France to shine.

I guess if you try to shine France to get a luster, all you get are crumbs.

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confudeforeigner said...

France will shine. They have played the game to near perfection, albeit with less protection for Lebanon from the Israelis than would have been hoped.

France simply, IS the new "honest broker" in the middle east. We haven't had one of those since 1973. This is a positive step whether the US public thinks so or not. There are 6 billion of us and only 300 million of you, your economy is on the precipice, your leaders are a laughing stock and there has never been a more universally hated people on this earth.

You've peaked. It is time for a more civilized world.