Got this email forwarded from my brother. I do not know whether it is true or not. I went ahead and forwarded it to Starbucks corporate HQ yesterday and am still waiting for a response. I worded my question rather neutral (" I was wondering whether this is true or not") without hinting at my displeasure, which is extreme. I'll let you know.

Subject: FW: Starbucks Coffee
Recently Marines in Iraq wrote to Starbucks because they wanted to let them know how much they liked their coffees and to request that they send some of it to the troops there. Starbucks replied, telling the Marines thank you for their support in their business, but that Starbucks does not support the war, nor anyone in it , and that they would not send the troops their brand of coffee. So as not to offend Starbucks, we should not support them by buying any of their products. As a war vet writing to fellow patriots, I feel we should get this out in the open. I know this war might not be very popular with some folks, but that doesn't mean we don't support the boys on the ground fighting street-to-street and house-to-house for what they and I believe is right. If you feel the same as I do then pass this along, or you can discard it and no one will never know.

Thanks very much for your support of me, and I know you'll all be there again when I deploy once more.

Semper Fidelis
Sgt Howard C. Wright
1st Force Recon Co
1st Plt PLT RTO

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