Faith and faithless

Two particular news items i thought interesting, especially if taken together.
Firstly, the benefits of having faith.
Then contrast that with the proclaimation of making the EU into a new superpower.
What linked the two stories for me was that having faith, not necessarily religion if you read the first article closely (disclaimer: i consider myself spiritual but not religious), gives you a slight edge and occasionaly that's just enough to move you forward. But the EU, a collection of states without a unifying ideology, lacks both political and spiritual faith, having "evolved." Without such cohesiveness, what is the point of the EU being a superpower? Its not about economics, as capitalism is not popular. Its not about principles such as freedom or democracy, unless you consider security and comfort values. And it certainly isn't about domination. So why build a military to be a superpower? What happened to "soft power?"

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luckent47 said...

Let's go over the obvious and then get behind that and see if there's a deeper truth.
Europe wants to be a superpower because:
1)The US has one and their's is/will be sexier (no shaving), cheaper( they don't have any Halliburton's to pay off) and more environmentally friendly (they'll practice in the internet and never really use their "real" army anyway.
2) According to commie doctrine there ain't no "good" so the US 'has to be checked for its own good' (raising the titanic, goldberg defense, etc.)
3) What will China think!!

The French have a military for what purpose? Colonialism and distrust of their neighbors,period. They subscribe to the NRA idea that guns make good neighbors, what other explanantion can there be. Thailand has "customs forces" on their borders so VN doesnt hi them. So basically that's it, its all show and avoiding 'marginalization' or being kept on the guest list even though your bands sucks and you havent put out an album in years!!

The deeper secret reason?