Kerry is going to concede. Much points for him to do so. Besides the obvious mathematical improbability of him winning Ohio, it also prevents dangerous precedence: that of allowing lawyers to arbitrate any electoral system as well as setting a dangerous precedence for fledgling democracy not to respect the democratic process.

Things to look forward to in the next four years:
1. Consolidation of the Middle East democratic changes started with Afghanistan and Iraq.
2. Ownership society within the US.
3. How the major media (who have all leaned to far left, forsaking their primary mission of informing the public for their own political and ideological agenda) will adjust.
4. How the Democratic Party will reform itself. Clearly the policies of selecting an "anyone but" candidate, as well as the remaining platform and principles were rejected by the voters as a whole (losses of congressional seats).
5. Realignment of US alliances away from Europe and more toward Asia (Russia included)

Over all, i am particularly hopeful for the next four years.

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