I was first in line when my polling station opened today. What drove me to vote was the principle of brotherhood. Brotherhood to the Americans who died from terrorist attacks, whether it is the marines in Beirut or the shipmen of the Cole, the victims of Oklahoma City or 911, and the individuals killed in hijackings and kidnappings. They are all my brothers and i felt an obligation to honor them. Brothers are the soldiers now fighting for our freedom, in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere and everywhere. Brothers are the allies and South Vietnamese who were betrayed when the major media, ivory tower pseudo-intellectuals, and well meaning but hood winked individuals declared that freedom of others were not worth fighting and dying for. And finally, brothers are the liberated Afghanis and Iraqi as well as those still yearning for freedom in the Middle East. We are all entwined with threads that bind us, not just as humans, but also through actions and reactions, and non-action and consequences.

I voted for George W. Bush.
Kerry just does not get it.

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victoria said...

Beautifully said h!