2010 Election: the States

Recently at the Horse Race Blog Jay Cost posted this
Above all, the RNC needs to focus on its fundraising infrastructure. It must be ready for the Obama money tsunami that will be crashing ashore in the fall of 2012. If you thought the President raised a lot of money last cycle, you haven't seen anything yet! Also, the party needs to figure out why the Democrats have managed not only to catch up to, but actually exceed, the Republicans in fundraising - this after the banning of soft money, which had historically helped the Democrats. That's a puzzler that should have Republicans - above all Michael Steele - thinking about innovation. This should be happening to the exclusion of guest hosting radio shows, Mr. Chairman!

I emboldened the money quote. As I thought about it, I was at first skeptical to attribute Obama’s victory to money spent. After all, wasn’t it a nation tired after 8 years of W and ready and take a chance with a promise “Hope and Change?” And now that “Hope and Change” is revealing itself as empty rhetoric and dangerous far left ideology, I do not believe any sum of campaign money be spent to reverse the distrust the nation has acquired by then. So how can a money advantage possibly make a difference? Through vote fraud.

No, money may not buy enough vote to win election, but money can be spent through organizations such as ACORN. ACORN through shady voter registration efforts and with sufficient funding may have won Al Franken his Minnesota Senate seat. Steps must be taken to prevent voter fraud and I don’t think community vigilance will suffice. The law must be clarified to prevent illegal voter registration and a legal strategy must be planned for as contingency for illegal vote counts. I believe controlling the state legislature will be essential for the fair legislative over sight of the electoral process. In most states judges are appointed, usually by the Governor. Thus efforts to elect favorable governors are necessary. In a few states judges are elected and attention must be made to there judicial races as well.

Previously I discussed to importance of the 2010 state election in order to be in position to redraw the Congressional district maps as the result of the 2010 Census. It now appears to me that state elections are even more crucial than I previously thought. We all must pay close attention to and expand our efforts to win out states.

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