Reject the Stimulus Package as is

Having listened to Obama on TV encouraging support for the Stimulus package, I have to come out fully against it. He is clearly fear mongering of economic collapse, and thus some action is better than inaction. He never fully explain why the stimulus would create jobs rather than works.

And he is clearly the opposite of W. He speaks a lot but doesn't really say much. No efficiency of words.

Update: sign the petition at NoStimulus

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Anonymous said...

I think the recession needs to run its course, and once it starts to bottom out, thats one we should start trying to stimulate the economy.

Here's an interesting one for you.

An analysis of the current economic crisis we are all unfortunately facing but looked at from a slightly different perspective.

This analysis looks at past banking crises and how they have effected various aspects of the economy.

It is titled The Banking Crisis - Where are we now? (follow the link should you be interested) and has particularly interesting points about how the previous banking crises has effected assets including property prices.

Hope you enjoy.