The Candidates

While i have not decided yet who to support, i have decided who i do not want to get the nomination.

On the Democrat side first to go should be John Edwards. He is an obvious sheister if there ever was one. He just oozes incenserity. And then there is Obama, who has a voice and a presence but lacks substance and insight beyond popularism. Yes, that means i think Clinton should get the Democratic nomination with all her faults.

On the Republican side the first to go is Ron Paul. He is just nuts. The second to go should be Mike Huckabee. I see him as the Republican John Edwards without the obvious slickness. Fred Thompson i think will end up as a vice president nominee, which i am fine with. Of the remaining three candidates, Mitt Romney, Rudolph Giuliani, and John McCain i need more time to sort out.

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tom said...

Nice, neomodernism.

I also theorize about a form of "neomodernism"