911 Afterward

Our greatest mistake since 911 is that we as a nation have not unified for total war against our enemy.

In waging this war, we should show no mercy to those who have not have not shown mercy to the innocent.

And those who impede out effort should be treated as collaborators and facilitator of our enemies.


Bubbalo said...

So, you're going to prove how much better you are by being just as bad? Nice work.

Huan said...

1. When you are fighting for your life as a people, you will certainly do better united than divided. This is indisputable.
2. We should show mercy to those that are merciful or innocent. In doing so we demonstrate the ability to discriminate right from wrong when acting against our enemy. But against those who cannot make the same distinction as to intentionally slaughter the innocent, they do not deserve any mercy. Note the emphasis is on both intent and mercy.
3. Those who aid and abet our fight to survive should be treated as our enemy. This is not to suggest they should be slaughtered now does it?