I am for legal immigration. Perhaps I am bias for being a legal immigrant myself. Never the less I do recognize the problems of illegal immigrants. My thoughts are as follow.

1. We must make it easier for foreigners to immigrate here to meet our labor needs. These guess workers must be screened prior to entry and tracked, taxed, and identified. After a set period of time, they should be able to apply for citizenship.

2. We must secure the border. If it takes a wall, so be it. But it must start with more regular and more vigilant patrols.

3. Those here illegally must apply to stay as guess workers, with possibility for citizenship. Those that fail the guess worker application must be deported.

4. Citizenship requires a test covering the constitution of the land and the political processes. The language of the land should be English but xceptions can be made for children and the elderly. While expecting illegal immigrants to pay back owed taxes may seem appealing, but the amount due cannot be confirmed. A financial requirement for citizenship, even based on what is due, will be the equivalence of buying citizenship and should be avoided.

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