By now we all know Hamas has won an out right majority in the Palestinian election. I believe this is a favorable outcome for the following reasons:

1. Had Fatah won, they still would not have been able to reign in Hamas' violence. Thus nothing has changed with a Hamas victory.
2. Hamas still is not strong enough to win against Israel. This political victory does not strengthen that.
3. Hamas now must be accountable for their actions, this is a new pressure on them. Will they be able to deliver for the Palestinians a better life?
4. If Hamas continue to work toward the destruction of Israel, this then will essentially be a declaration of war between two states, thus allowing a freer hand for Israel to act, and for the US to cut off aid.
5. If Hamas does not perform, they will be replaced by the Palestinians.
6. The world is better off interacting with a representative power of the Palestinians and thus hold the Palestinians themselves accountable to their elected government. No longer can they claim oppression as do the Saudis, Egyptians or most of the Arabs now.

In addition: Israel should negotiate with Hamas now. After all, if you do not negotiate with your enemy, who would you negotiate with for a diplomatic peace? A military victory will always remain an option.

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Bubbalo said...

Except that the US has threatened to refuse to talk with them. Oh, and Palestine is not recognized as a country and therefore does not get a seat at the UN. And you know what the real irony of that is? That makes Palestine a part of Israel, and as such all "military" strikes on "terrorists" (not that I don't believe they exist, but we take on faith whether those target are or aren't terrorists) are examples of police brutality. Ain't the law a bitch?

Huan said...

I am not sure what you are trying to say here.

Is it wrong for the US to refuse to directly negotiate with Hamas?

Palestine has observer status at the UN.

But take your premise that Palestine as part of Israel; since Israel is using its military to put down an "insurrection" it really isn't police brutality is it?