Syria has been implicated in harboring, if not actively supporting the Iraqi insurgents. Make that the Al Qaeda terrorists in Iraq. Syria does not understand the consequences. First there is international pressure from the US via the UN, with the pretext being the assassination of the Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. Had Syria been more cooperative and supportive of US activities in Iraq, I'd doubt so much political pressure would have been brought to bear by the US. Now Syria has quietly agreed to UN questioning of key officials per Mehlis’ Deadline.

Most recently there are reports of US military incursions into Syria in pursuit of fleeing terrorists. Such incursions will continue because of the "clear and hold" activities of the current coalition's Anbar campaign. Were orders not given to stop the chase at the border? Is it a coincidence that the Syria is in a weakened state currently to contest the incursions?

And what is the internal political pressure being mounted against young Assad? He leads a minority clan in Syria, one branded heretical by many mainstream Muslims. He lacks the political astuteness and adroitness of his father; ruthlessness alone will not suffice. Minority rule must still have allies. Now he cannot protect key allies from foreign investigations for acts he either ordered or was keenly aware of. How will his erstwhile allies react to be handed over? And now border incursions. How will the terrorists respond when they no longer feel protected? How will his political adversaries react when he cannot even safeguard the border?

Think things are heating up? Well a tell-tale sign is that Syria actually welcomes David Duke believing somehow that might help!
Interesting times for Syria. I've always felt they will be the next Middle Eastern regime to fall. Afterward it will be Iran.

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