Media War

A nice description of the media's role in the international war against terrorism. (HT Crossroad Arabia
I felt compelled to respond to news, published on our front page, that a teenager was forced against his will to bomb a Shi'a mosque in Iraq. The attack failed as the young man fled the scene; he later admitted to being forced to carry out this mission after being kidnapped, badly beaten and drugged by terrorists. A US military report confirmed his version of events.

He was not the only one; all terrorists are heavily sedated. They are drugged by a media, which gives credence to false stories, written according to its author’s mood, added to fabricate pictures and selected from an angle that serve the interest of terrorist groups, be it former Baath party members or Islamic extremists.

Another example of the MSM contribution to the war is here at Belmont Club.

Once upon a time we would confront such collaborators and enablers of our enemies. Now we protect their freedom to destroy us. Thank God their power and influence has waned, and waned much more than they realize. Reminds me of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.

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