Islamism and Terrorism

A couple of interesting translation from Arab Editorials recently from MEMRI. The first distinguishes Islamism as a political movement premised on the religion of Islam, but should not and must not be viewed as representative of Islam the religion. A very good point for us westerners. The second is actually a compilation of 3 editorials highlighting the fact that Arab terrorists are not the economically oppressed and disenfranchised Arabs but frequently come from educated and affluent Arab families. Again this highlight the driving force of terrorism is political and not economic. Together with Zarqawi recent declaration of war against Democratic principles present a unifying recognition of the true nature the terrorism. Some have taken to use the term "Islamofascist", a term I have been reluctant to adopt personally, but certainly is gain greater credibility as the nature of terrorists is revealed. Most importantly, these articles suggest that the Arabs are also coming to the recognition that terrorism is a war against Arabs and Islam and they too must fight it with vigor.

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